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All eight ear piercings and a new one

Whenever I travel, I like collecting dainty jewelry to remember the trip by. My absolute weak spot is the ears and the diamond flower done by J. Colby Smith in New York served as most recent proof. So when I kept hearing rave reviews about Los Angeles piercing legend Brian Keith Thompson (he owns Body Electric Tattoo), my interest was sparked. It seemed only natural to drop by his studio… I’m sure you agree.

On the spot Brian and I brainstormed about adding something unique to my already extensive collection. We both got excited about the idea of a yellow gold pyramid stud with two tiny asymmetric chains dangling from it. It’s pretty, it’s delicate and it subtly balances out what I already had going on.

Speaking of which, this is a perfect moment to give you a quick run through of what currently decorates my ears. On right we have four small silver earrings in the lobe (a triangle, a tridot, a silver stripe and a diamond stud – I bought some of those from Studio MHL) and a rose gold and diamond flower in the helix. On left we have a silver bar earring, a white gold tridot in the conch (you know, the inner ear shell) and the brand new yellow gold pyramid stud with two asymmetric chains.

What appeals to me most about piercings is the styling aspect; I lose complete track of time while browsing Pinterest for earspiration and keep a file on my computer with perfectly put together ear ensembles. My ‘goal’ is to wear a well-balanced and subtle combination of different types of gold, gems and shapes. So I’m already pretty damn excited about returning and hearing what ideas for styling Brian has up his sleeves. I have a feeling that we’ll meet again soon.

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    Wat is een goede plek in Nederland waar je als je 13 bent je mag laten piercen in je oor ? , je bent geweldig !

    […] handful of tiny rings makes a big statement – the same goes for my ears! As far as my hand party goes, I prefer rings that are all in the same tone. But on the other hand […]


    Do you always wear them asymmetric? I really love this look & have seen it in a variety of forms & range of piercings but I’m uncertain of how it would look. Your piercings look so delicate & beautiful but I worry that my ears would appear crowded. Any advice, please?

    Love it! You wear them really well-balanced.
    Bise, C.
    Urban Fashion Scenario


    Echt heel erg mooi! Ik wil zelf ook al heel lang zoiets, ik heb er nu 4 in totaal, maar ik vind het er aan de achterkant niet mooi uitzien, met die grote/grove oorbel-achterkantjes. Hoe is dat bij jou? Als ik het goed begrijp heb je 1 piercing in je cone, daar zit gewoon een bolletje achter? En alle andere oorbellen hebben gewoon zo’n zilveren achterkantje? Ik heb tot nu toe nog geen andere subtielere oorbellen of achterkantjes kunnen vinden…

    pretty pretty!

    oh yes – she´s got style. nice bog. nice person. i follow.

    vreeni von freak in you

    Ten eerste je hebt een geweldige blog en je bent een geweldig stijlicoon :). Ik had een vraagje over je piercings, want wat voor piercing is je laatste en waar heb je ze laten zetten en gehaald? liefs Alicia


    Hey, I’ve been gradually topping up my ear piercings and a few months ago went for 3 in one go. I’m just wondering if you find the attention involved during the healing process as much of a hassle as I do?! Because there is no one like J Colby Smith or Brian Keith Thompson in the UK you have to put up with the garish titanium piercings until it’s healed and I hate it. Thinking of getting either the flat or conch like you’ve got, has one healed better than the other at all?

    LLouise Boyen

    Hey Yara, ik vroeg me af waar jij je leuke oorpiercings vandaan haalt? Ik ben fan!

    Wat een heerlijke foto’s! Je straalt als een gezonde happy zonnetjestraaltje!

    all those piercing look great on you… they’re elegant and sassy!

    I wish I had the courage to pierce my ears that much, I only have the two normal holes! But hey at least I can wear earcuffs :)

    Damn, love these piercings! Looks so beautiful on you


    Wow looks really nice! Where do you get those nice little beauties?

    Heel erg prachtig deze piercings. In de binnenkant van je oor vind ik ook een toffe plaats om er 1 te zetten.
    Koop je die verschillende knopjes trouwens gewoon bij de juwelier?

    Hi everyone!

    A quick update on where I find my dainty earrings. I pick them up all over the place, and have a few recommendations. These regard just the earrings – for piercings like the tridot, the gold pyramid and diamond flower I’d suggest Body Electric Tattoo in LA and NY Adorned in New York.

    For pretty, dainty earrings at a good price point definitely check out:

    1) Studio MHL (also sold at BonBonBoutique in Amsterdam): this is where I get my silver stripe and silver triangle and it’s just 15 euros per piece.

    2) Kathleen Whitaker: I just found her at a great LA store called Mohawk General store. She does yellow gold and rose gold if I’m correct, and does the same staple/stripe in gold for around 40 dollars.

    3) Gabriela Artigas: A talented artist from LA – I can’t wait to stop by her studio soon. She makes stunning delicate pieces, some are minimal and others a bit more romantic. Her rings are perfection too.

    4) Brvtvs: Another US brand that I simply adore. They have a very clean and well put together collection of 14k gold earrings for a very friendly price. Check out their there bar ear cuffs and large U vectis as well – divine.

    5) Line & Jo: A Scandinavian favorite. Check this out for dark silver cuffs and chains and other cool studs at a very nice price. The feather earring is adorable too.


    Heb je een goede webshop voor mooie piercings? (Van die kleintjes net als die van jou!)


    Love them! So delicate. Thanks for sharing adresses. Ive got 8 earpiercings aswell.

    Ziet er weer super uit Yara! Vraag me af waar je de kleine studs vandaan hebt die in jouw rechteroor zitten. Adresje in Amsterdam? :) Vind vooral die tridot en silver bar erg leuk! Jouw foto’s komen tussen mijn inspiratie ;).

    I love how simple and delicate they are!

    Debby van den Oudenalder

    Ziet er chic maar toch stoer uit! Ik ben al lang op zoek naar het rose kleurige bloemetje, waar heb je die vandaan?

    Die is van een Amerikaans label waar ik de naam even niet van kan bedenken, ik kom er op terug! Ze verkopen ze in New York bij NY Adorned en hier in LA bij Body Electric Tattoo. Het is echt een piercing (dus niet eentje die in elk oorbelgaatje past).

    love them all! I’ve got only 5!

    Five is quite a bit too! A fun amount to play around with :)

    Heel mooi!
    Love, Rachel
    | |

    Wow erg mooi! Prachtige foto’s ook.
    Ik heb nu 2 gaatjes in elk oor en nu ik nog thuis woon blijft haar denk ik ook nog bij !

    xx RIélle

    You have the coolest piercings!

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

    Very pretty! xx.

    Love it!

    Soooo pretty! Loving your cute earrings! :)



    love your piercings! Just perf…

    newpost up!

    Woooow …amazing!!!


    Do you have any suggestions on where to buy these small delicate earrings in Amsterdam?

    I pick them up at a touristy/indian store on Rokin (next to Jan Janssen shoes) and at Trunk (where Bonne runs her label Bonbonboutique) – she makes the silver triangles and silver bar earring.

    Love it! Hele mooie foto’s! X

    Somehow you have a way to make these piercings look amazing. I mean I’ve seen many with that much piercings and they looked like someone you would not want to meet in a dark alley. I’m considering getting one too. :)

    It’s all about keeping it small, pretty and working with top notch materials like white gold, rose gold and diamonds to keep it chic!

    love the piercings, I have 3 in my right ear which I love. I keep really dainty diamonds in them.

    Mel x


    Krijg er helemaal kriebels, dit wil ik ook. Zo moooooi!

    Wat leuk om te horen! Altijd tof om iemand te inspireren : )

    Lovely!! Love the piercings :)

    My Fantabulous World

    gorgeous piercings! love all your simple, cute earrings :)

    Rachel x
    Style Soup



    Prachtige foto’s, prachtige oorbellen!

    so gorgeous! i really want some ear piercings as well x

    Staat echt zo mooi! Ik heb er ook een in mijn oorschelp, maar stop er altijd een neuspiercing in omdat hij anders gaat zweren.. zo heb ik ook geen last van een groot knopje aan de achterkant :)


    Dat grote knopje aan de achterkant heb ik dus ook, ben daar al zo lang iets op aan het zoeken want vind het niet mooi! Blijft zo’n neuspiercing gewoon goed zitten?

    I love your piercings! They are beautiful and dainty. :)

    Looks good, you must be a brave girl, I am even afraiid of getting my third one ; )

    Really don’t be! The pain is nothing – sure, it isn’t comfortable but it lasts for a few seconds :)

    Ahh, it’s so pretty!!

    It’s beautiful, I love earrings too!

    Heel mooi!

    Heel gaaf! Staat je zo mooi.

    Looks so pretty :D

    xx Mira

    I want all!!

    love your piercings so much! so small and simple xx

    I like it too;)

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