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A visual LA diary
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Big cities like LA can be notoriously difficult to master, but somehow everything on this trip has been flawless. Los Angeles feels like a cocktail of laid back Californian beach culture mixed with the crazy energy and dark edge of New York. Me and my girl Anna decided to go on this work-meets-fun adventure with a YES mentality, which has gotten us in to a little trouble and a lot of fun.

Random examples, some caught on photo in this visual diary, include surfing on Venice Beach (I stood up on the board a few items!), breaking and entering a construction site, a chef’s special lunch at Nobu (I have died and gone to sashimi heaven), crazy dancing nights at Teddy’s with new friends, getting new ear piercings, an Alexander Wang purchase, hour long road trips, exciting shoots with talented photographers and make-up artists, ending up at strangers house parties and making it rain at a strip club.

LA is just as magical to me as it was three years ago, and it seems like the city is loving us back. Everywhere we turn we bump in to people we know or get in touch with new interesting people – each and every one bursting with talent and passion for what they do – and everyone is so welcoming and open. I love that even friends-of-friends-of-friends invite us along for drinks, I love the random small talk while getting my morning coffee and I love how people don’t seem to cling to their planners so much. Just saying YES to new plans and ideas that happen in the moment is something I’ll definitely to turn in to a habit back in Amsterdam. Yeah, to say I’ve fallen for LA all over again is quite the understatement.

photos by me (photos of me by Anna)

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