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10 x perfect clothing racks + styling tips

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Why not store your clothes in a way that’s as stylish and savvy as you are? Today I’m taking you through some clothing rack inspiration – for those of us who don’t have an entire walk in closet to ourselves but still want to display some wardrobe gems in sight.

I am one of those lucky bastards with a spare little bedroom that I’m currently turning in to an office and fashion inspiration room – you can actually see my custom made clothing rack here. What I like to do is make little capsule collections of about 10-15 pieces that go well together in terms of color scheme and that speak for my mood and style at that time. It might be light and more romantic for summer (with a lot of white, nude and grey) or black and edgy for fall (with a leather, mesh, denim) or soft and cozy for winter (with big grey knits, a fluffy coat and a few pretty dresses). As a result I constantly feel inspired and can easily put my finger on whatever piece might be missing in my wardrobe.

6 tips for creating an inspiring clothing rack space:
1. Choose a clothing rack that suits the style and color scheme of your bedroom, walk in closet or hallway. White always works well, and Ikea has a plain white rack called Riga for 13 euros, and a black tripod rack called Turbo for 30 euros.

2. Add a few other personal pieces that say something about your style and to add different heights and depth. Like a framed black and white poster, glass vases, a vintage stool, a rug small or an industrial floor lamp.

3. Place pretty pastel paper boxes, a braided basket or a (vintage) wooden storage box right under the rack. This will give you stylish storage space. Then line up your prettiest shoes on top of the boxes.

4. Got lack of space or don’t want to make your clothing rack the focal point of the room? Hang three few shelves on the wall for folded items, shoes and accessories and screw a tube on to the bottom shelf. Just like in the last right photo, this has the feel of a clothing rack in a more concealed and space saving way.

5. Avoid wire hangers as those will mess up the fit of your o so beloved clothes. Use all of the same hangers, preferably slim ones so you can stack many items on your rack. I use wooden hangers in a white wash or light wood tone.

6. Switch up the items on your rack according to season, and color code them. If your clothing rack is actually your entire wardrobe, then group them by category. So pants go with pants, jackets with jackets, dresses with dresses, shorts with shorts. This makes it simple to find a specific pair of trousers in the morning and helps you to see which items you might need to throw out (those are never taken out of the rack) or what you might need to buy.

(photos found on Pinterest and Tumblr, first photo via Joyce Croonen)

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    Wat een leuke ideeen allmeaal!…ik heb zelf ook een nieuw wit kledingrek gekocht en ik vind de uitstraling echt helemaal top! Gr Gea

    Hierdoor krijg ik zeker wat inspiratie! Heel mooi allemaal.

    Ah I love all of these, wouldn’t know which one to choose. I use the IKEA rail by my bed to select clothes I want for the week. As always fab inspirational post with great advice. Happy New Year from

    Yes! Wonderful selection!!

    Im so going to print out this post and hang it on my inspired wall! My boyfriend and I are rebuilding our loft this year and I’m getting my own dressing room, so these inspirational pics and words are so welcome!!

    X Sara


    Just love this post!!

    This makes me 1. purchase a house with an extra room for a walk in wardrobe.
    and 2. run to ikea and redecorate!

    Mooie inspiratie en handige tips! ;)

    I´m planning my dressing room. So thank you for this amazing post! Love it!


    Prachtige kledingkasten inspiratie! Ik wil zeker wel ooit zo’n kledingrek of buis waar ik ze aan kan hangen, in mijn slaapkamertje van nu is daar geen ruimte voor. Als ik straks een eigen huisje heb heb ik nu al mooie ideeën!

    wow such a lovely post! great job!

    Very timely article, I’m in the middle of a room/wardrobe overehaul! Thanks for the inspiration :)

    Tina xo

    Very beautiful inspiration!
    Wish this was possible in my room but unfortunately not :( Time to move haha! xx

    Perfect timing – I am dedicating next weekend to purging and reorganising my closet. These photos make me realise how beautiful monochrome interiors (and wardrobes) are. Thanks for reading my mind. :)

    wauw! ik droom nog steeds dat ik op een morgen wakker wordt met uitzicht op zo’n perfecte kleding kast als op de foto’s hierboven!

    Looks perfect!

    Zo leuk allemaal !


    Aaah zo mooi! One day…

    sooo pretty!

    These look fabulous.. I can’t wait to have my own place and have this type of rack for my clothes!

    Goede tips, werken goed inderdaad. En wat een fijne inspo. De kast van Joyce (MyDubio) is inderdaad wel een pracht exemplaar. : )


    Ja zeker! Ik kende haar site niet maar toffe stijl :)

    I so needed this! Mijn vriend en ik zijn op zoek naar nieuwe woonruimte en daar wil ik graag ook een open kast in plaats van met een deur ervoor :)

    Heerlijk! Of een deel afgeschermd en dan een rek of buis om je mooiste stukken zorgvuldig uit te stallen. Succes met de woningjacht : )

    Great inspo, most of these images helped me style my closet! I am one of those lucky girls with a 12 sq.m. spare room that I just turned into a walk-in and currently having fun coordinating my clothes with the interior :)

    Wow, that’s so much fun to play around with! Enjoy.

    Wauw heel mooi, ik kan niet wachten tot dat ik volgend jaar mijn eigen kamer kan inrichten!

    Fijne inspiratie! Ik heb momenteel een logeerkamer waar mijn kledingkast + bureau staan maar ben nog een beetje aan het zoeken naar hoe ik het mooi kan stylen :) Deze inspiratie geeft leuke ideeen :)

    Dit wil ik ook zeker in mijn kamer, erg leuke post.

    great tips, wish I had space for a clothing rack in my bedroom…

    i really wan to have some clothing racks in my room, but there’s just not enough space :( xxx

    Love this, such cool ideas! All these images look amazing wish I could create this in my bedroom! xx

    amazing inspiration! got me needing all these bedrooms with the decor and rails!

    Rachel x
    Style Soup


    I love your posts! I’m always looking forward to reading them!

    Thanks dear!

    Love your post! :)

    I cannot wait to have my own apartment so that I can display my wardrobe like that. It is so perfectly tidy and clean that makes everything look classic and chic without spending a lot of money in a walking closet.

    Have a warm Sunday.
    Love, maria

    Pic 5 all the way!x

    Great ideas…I would love a bedroom just for my clothes and a big fancy dresser!!

    Zo waar over die hangers. Ik heb nu twee vesten met een rare knik erin…grrrrrr….

    The most closets (like mine) don’t stay organized for a long time, because they rack is to small! Extra rack is a great tip!


    Wij hebben ook verrijdbare kledingrekken, handig als je niet al te veel plaats hebt.

    Nice inspiration! Ik vind die met die kast en poef in het midden zo mooi, die staat ook al heel lang op mijn Pinterest board ;)



    Personal Style Blog http://WWW.REDREIDINGHOOD.COM

    great tipps! I’ll make use of them soon. :)

    Katharina // Katinka

    Good tips, I wish I had a walk in wardrobe.

    I really wish I had an open closet like this. Very inspirational and so soft and lighty! Loving it! :)


    Wat een leuke post!
    With love,


    | |

    Love all of them!
    Sammydress giveaway up on the blog, enter quickly!

    Ziet er allemaal zo mooi uit! Ik ga dit toch maar eens overwegen voor op mijn kamer.

    So much cooler than the typical walk-in-closet….. yet many women have too much clothes for one rack. Damn us women!

    Als ik op kamers ga dan komt er sowieso een kleding rek :) Liefs

    Ik vind zulke plaatjes altijd leuk! Zodra ik ga verhuizen, wil ik ook zoiets maken. Ik denk alleen dat ik er planken boven ga maken voor het leggedeelte, zeg maar.

    Great tips and beautiful photographs!

    Moving into an open space next week and these are very inspiring. Wardrobes can really cut up a space, will definitely get a rack or two

    Aww I need one of them in my bedroom! My life is not complete without it ;)

    Aah zo perfect allemaal!
    Liefs Nora /

    4th one is definitely something I would like to create in my flat!

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