Archive 18 December 2013
Under water wonder


Every now and then I run in to an object that totally draws me in. Maybe I instantly know of a purpose to give it, or a person to buy it for, sometimes I don’t. This glass object with a jelly fish blown in to it amazed me by how true to life it looks and by how the light and other objects reflect in it. It’s like nothing I had seen before and I couldn’t really understand how it was made. I did know: I had to have it.

Bought at one of my favorite places for interior items, gifts and goodies: Maison NL. And since I get quite a few questions about where I pick up interior pieces like this, I’m doing a big post on that next week. Looking forward to sharing my favorite spots with you soon, and for now you could check out a list of some of my go to shops and coffee places in Amsterdam here.

photo by Karen van Duijvenbode

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