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My 5 best buys of 2013

With a new year nearly around the corner, I can’t help but get a bit nostalgic. 2013 is never coming back! For me it’s been a pretty intense year (which does include a lot of personal growing experiences, great opportunities and wonderful new people) and from discussing this with friends I get the sense that it has been so for a lot of people. Yes, was an exciting ride – I’ll do a big This chick’s got style overview of 2013! - and I look forward to starting a new chapter. Big things happened and small things happened. The last would include a loooot of clothes (well – that is if you can call a first Chanel a ‘small thing’. I mean…). Either way, I took a moment to review my five favorite buys of the entire year. Let’s go over this clockwise:

1) 2.55 bag by Chanel. The classic Chanel flap bag was my holy grail when it came to buying myself a present to celebrate what I had worked for. Yes, it’s a somewhat superficial goal, but it was one nonetheless. I shared my ‘first Chanel story’ here, and so many of you could relate. The caviar skin leather that I chose for is still in the same perfect state as I got it months ago and the size works for daytime and night. This all time French classic will be with me for life and dresses up even a black pair of skinny jeans and white t-shirt with cigarette holes in it. I’m wearing this quilted baby here, here and here.

2) Oversized jacket by IRO
If you follow This chick’s got style, you know I love me some oversized stuff. Especially for jackets I prefer to have a roomier fit; it just feels a bit cooler and balances out nicely with bare legs or skinny trousers. This is one of those pieces that’s somewhat trendy but that I still never get tired off because of the neutral colors and luxurious mix of fabrics. I love it especially over a skirt or shorts in summer, like I did here in New York.

3) Fluffy cardigan by H&M
One of the things that absolutely gets me cranky is being cold. One of the things I absolutely adore is cuddling. So packing myself up as a little teddybear brings out the best in me – I’m one fluffy and happy love ball whenever I’m in something like this. And the volume and texture add interest to an otherwise plain look, like a jeans + tee (see what I mean here).

4) Buckle boots by Balenciaga
Yes, yes, YES. This was a massive investment piece for me that I literally took over a year to decide on. Other doubt factors besides the price: horror stories about breaking these boots in and the massive hype that kind of gave me an overkill. But when I was told in the Balenciaga store that there would only be one more shipment of this design (full on panic attack!) I knew I had to strike. Just because these make absolutely everything in my closet complete and it’s so much better to have fancy flat shoes that still work for any Fashion Week, meeting or work situation where I want to feel appropriate and dressed up. A month or two ago I picked these up in Paris and I think I’ve worn them 50 out of those 60 days and, lucky me, mine are incredibly comfortable now. I’m wearing them here, here, here

5) Striped dress by T by Alexander Wang
One of my best sale finds hands down. T by Alexander Wang produces some of my favorite basics-with-a-twist and for quite decent price tags. This was something I had been doubting because it was around a hundred euros, but with some discount it came close to what some dresses on the high street normally cost. Absolutely curve hugging and an ideal daywear-to-party candidate. See me wearing it here.

It’s always so fun to me to look back at clothes you’ve bought a while ago and see if they still suit you and your style. What was your absolute favorite fashion buy of 2013? Tell me in the comments!

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