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My 3 products for voluminous hair


I like my hair to be three things. Healthy, voluminous and structured. Preferably my locks are slightly messy yet somewhat polished – a delicate balance that’s actually attainable with use of a few products. An interesting structure with focus on volume at the roots and a natural feel is what I try to attain.

Although I’m always trying out new hair products and are open to experiment when it comes to beauty and make-up, I’ve been pretty loyal to these three products in a quest for natural, touchable big hair. Obviously you wouldn’t need to use exactly these brands – although Haze byEvo definitely is the #1 styling powder I’ve come across – you can pick up similar products at your local beauty department.

Let me walk you through what my ‘big hair toolkit’ currently contains and what I use each product for:
1) Styling powder. A fine powder is your number one stop to add volume and texture. Gone are the days of fine, straight, baby-soft hair! Dry shampoo does the same trick but a styling powder is more concentrated and doesn’t show. Use it only on the roots, to roughen up the hair and it’s as though it has memory; whenever you run your hands through the roots during the day, you’ll get that extra oomph. (I currently use Haze styling powder by Evo).

2) Sea salt spray. A sea salt spray builds body and texture. This stuff creates sexy tousled waves that will last for days on end! How I use it: I ‘squeeze’ my hair in to waves when it’s towel dry (holding it at the tips and then sort of pushing it up to my roots to create waves, if that makes sense). Then I spray some sea spray focussing on the tips and just let it air dry. (I currently use Sea salt & texturizing spray by Toni & Guy).

3) Hair spray. Contrary to many others, this classic hair spray feels weightless. I use it to give direction to certain strands of hair. So I twist the hair that frames my face to the outside and spray a tiny bit on it so it moves away from my face. And I hold some pieces of hair that are on top of my scalp up in the air and then spray some Elnett at the roots. This secures them position and provides long-lasting volume support. (I currently use Elnett by L’Oréal).

photo by Karen van Duijvenbode

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