ArchiveTravel 19 December 2013
I’m coming to L.A.!

I didn’t see this coming and I can’t pinpoint exactly when it happened. Amsterdam has reached a state of absolute crap weather. Let me tell you how this affects my morning routine. When my alarm rings, it’s still dark. Clue #1 that tells me that I should probably stay in bed.

Then I doubtfully stick one leg out to test the temperature outside of my bed and massive pile of blankets. Clue #2 that tells me to STAY. EXACTLY. WHERE. I. AM.

Now I get how seasons work – I’ve been around for a few years – so it’s a matter of time until it starts snowing. Which is the beginning of all fuckery and the end of all my good moods. So in benefit of myself and everyone around my grumpy cold self, I have decided…

…to kick off a brand new year in a big way and FLY TO LOS ANGELES! Me and Anna are escaping the snow flakes in LA and I can’t think of a better way to kick start 2014. We’ll arrive on January 7th for business-mixed-with-pleasure-mixed-with-shopping-mixed-with-surfing-mixed-with-endless-lunches. The ingredients to my favorite kind of travel cocktail! Thinks are looking up already.

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