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Blog Class Event: the big recap!
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Today’s post is one of the happiest I’ve ever written. It’s the report on the first ever Blog Class Event! On this day online met offline in an interactive masterclass with best practices, insights in the blogging industry that I gained through experience with This chick’s got style, as a marketing author and as a features editor at ELLE, and all sorts of practical tips to make a (personal) blog the best it can be.

After weeks of behind the scenes prep work, I announced the Blog Class Event and the positive response was overwhelming. From people close to me in my personal life, connections in my work circle, to you. Within a mere two hours we already had more applications than we could take on. WOW! I’m still so grateful to be able to share my passion and enthusiasm with others and actually calling it a job! Perhaps writing down how the day went will get my head out of the clouds. Here we go!

Getting ready
The event took place in my blog office, a space which I share with other creatives. I liked the idea of an intimate gathering for the first edition and opening up my home-away-from-home to you. My friends (thank you Jes, Nicole and Kim!) came together to help decorate and prepare, the wonderful Kelly and I spent many chocolate filled evenings fine-tuning the presentation and talented miss Karen shot this photo diary.

Let’s do this!
Knowing that I was going to meet forty amazing readers, sharing my story and insights, and hopefully giving them a great day felt like one of my biggest and most relevant accomplishments with This chick’s got style. I’ve been doing this for nearly five years now and most of my work takes place behind a computer screen (yes, sometimes in pajamas). Although readers come up to me on the street quite often, it’s still unbelievable to grasp that the thousands of people visiting This chick’s got style every day, and have it included in their daily routine, are real people just like me.

Meeting these beautiful, smart, funny ladies and starting a conversation about our blogging industry, is what makes everything I do real and tangible. It was a happy, big and proud moment for me to stand in front of forty people who were excited to be there - two girls even travelled all the way from Belgium! – and to hopefully give them advice to take home.

I ended up talking for little over an hour about how I got my start in blogging and – using my own experiences in the field as a background – giving advice about blog writing, photography, finding your niche and working with themes and a calendar, social media strategy and different ways to monetize a smaller or bigger blog. After that it was time to answer personal and specific questions and for drinks and delicious bites from Boca’s! Everyone got to know each other, had drinks and laughs, wanted to take photos and some girls even teamed up for new plans! I hope it was a rewarding, fun, insightful day for all of us. 

A special thanks to…
To top the event off we had a custom made goodie bag ready for everyone and in all honesty that was one of my FAVORITE parts of the organization. I wanted did want it to be something special and personal to remember the day by, so I carefully put together a selection of my favorite products by high end brands – most of which had actually been featured in blog posts before! A variety of delicious mini sandwiches were made by Boca’s. One of the biggest culinary hits in Amsterdam and a favorite spot of me and my girlfriends. You can order different plateaus – fish, meat or veggie based – and share them with your friends which to me is much cozier and a great way to taste a bit of everything. Also, their sweet potato fries are heavenly.

So what was in the goodie bag? (as seen in the photo)
- an H&M Home candle that you’ve seen endless times on my blog and Instagram. I get so many questions on this item and it looks rather luxurious and expensive but it’s only 4,95! I burn these all the time and even have secret back up stash lined up at my home!
- a Color Show nail polish by Maybelline. This affordable range is all about the latest trends in colors and technology. I am wearing Candy Apple as we speak (you see it in the flat lay photo) and love myself a classic red. This might just be my new go to shade for fall.
- a Star Necklace by Club Manhattan. I discovered Club Manhattan years ago and my first buy was actually this Star necklace. Their affordable statement pieces range between 17,95 and 29,95 and are an easy, budget friendly way to spice up any outfit.
- an ELLE September issue. The big fashion issue! This ELLE edition was packed with trends for the new season, shoppings, styling tips, shoots and interviews – ideal reading material for the trip back home.
- a voucher for a frozen yoghurt at FrozzAs I’m slightly obsessed with all things American, imagine my happiness when frozen yoghurt finally got introduced in Holland. This is one of my guilt free snacks – it’s simply the best biological yoghurt – and I always top it off with blueberries, raspberries and dark chocolate flakes.
- a little notebook to scribble down inspiration for blog posts on the go.
- the Keep calm and blog on bag itself!

And a last special thank you goes to forty visitors. I found some blog posts you wrote about the event hereherehere, here and here. Thanks for your enthusiasm and to everyone: let’s do this again in January!

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