Archive 24 August 2013
Current favorite summer shoes

One late afternoon instead of working I found myself lining up my favorite shoe. It was right after I was done with another important chore: painting my nails in Head Mistress by Essie – an all too perfect red. Seeing my shoes lined  up it felt good to notice I’ve finally assembled a bunch of strappy summer sandals that are both pleasing to the eye and to the foot. No toe squeezing, ankle cutting or blister forming for me when I’m in one of these. Now my mission is to collect the perfect set of comfortable, pretty, cool  ankle boots – a) high heeled ankle boots b) stylish motor inspired boots (nothing has topped the Balenciaga cut outs so far), c) peep toe ankle boots (perhaps with a lace up – something feminine) and a medium heel (those would be my Acne Pistols). Slowly trying to build the perfect wardrobe – as if that’s even an attainable goal ;)

Left to right: JEAN MICHEL CAZABAT (seen here) / ZARA (worn here) / MANGO (worn here) / SAM EDELMAN (worn here)

ph. by Karen van Duijvenbode

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