Archive 18 July 2013
New nude shoes


Strolling through one of the super size malls Bangkok has to offer – hey, a girl needs some air conditioning every now and then! – I faced a big black four letter sign that looked rather familiar. I try to avoid stores I also have back home and obviously aren’t here for the shopping, but since Zara in Amsterdam is currently closed I figured I could allow myself ten minutes to have a peek at the sale section. Without trying these shoes on – yes, I was that quick – and under five minutes I got these nude sandals with leather straps with a medium high heel for a pretty good steal. Now planned: a pedicure with bright orange nails for contrast.

PS. Bloglovin’ hasn’t been showing my posts since the redesign, I hope it will be fixed soon! Check back daily on to see new blog articles. x, Yara

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