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Sure, when on holiday you don’t need much besides some clothes, money and a passport, but fashion and beauty often aren’t about what we need. Except when it comes to those Givenchy lace up ankle boots I spotted 70% off – those I definitely need. Anyway, I personally like to put together a small yet carefully curated beauty selection when travelling – it’s an ideal moment to indulge in a little home-away-from-home luxury and to try out products I’ve been sent or items I unintentionally caved for at airport duty free shops. This last thing happens a lot – hey, is that a Clarins corner I see?! – and it totally messes up my travel budget.

A week or so ago, I already showed you what my ‘must packs’ are when it comes to clothing – have a look at my travel fashion essentials post if you’re somewhat interested. Perhaps sharing what I brought in my beauty case to Thailand (where internet unfortunately isn’t on my side) brings you an idea or two. And what’s the one beauty item you never travel without?

What’s in my current summer holiday beauty case, is like something this:

1. Clarins – Beauty Flash Balm
. A French apothecary cream I’ve been wanting to try for ever after reading rave reviews and finally allowed myself to buy at the airport. It’s not even extravagantly expensive but somehow I doubt a smaller purchases more than a big one sometimes. You should have seen me in the duty free section; taking the cream, putting it back. Reading the ingredients again, putting it back until finally the voice in my head said (or did it yell?) to just get it.

2. Smeer je in – SPF 30 Face and body sun care. Dutch dermatologist Dr. Jetske Ultee keeps up a blog that narrates about natural skin care, product information and protecting your skin from within and out. She just launched a non-profit sun protection range and I trust her opinion and therefore this product – minor detail is the packaging with hand written font that I’m a major sucker for.

3. Chanel – Chance Eau Tendre. A fresh, fun and feminine fragrance – woah, that’s a lot of f-words! The good kind though – that you’re probably familiar with at least because of it’s glamorous, cute commercials. It’s virtually impossible to describe a fragrance, but I’ll say it has light and fruity notes that suit my tropical girls trip well.

4. Lancaster – Tan preparer. I’ll admit I follow beauty news quite closely but hadn’t tried (or even heard of!) a tan preparer. Enough to make me curious. This Lancaster one has antioxidants and  moisturizes, to recharge your skin in between tanning (which I always do with high SPF! It’s a total myth that you won’t tan while protected.)

5. Lancôme – Hypnôse Precious Cells. Lancôme never fails to deliver high quality classics and their mascaras are ranked as some of my favorites. I’ve used Hypnôse before and am have just started trying this version – just as deep black – that promises to strengthen lashes and prevent them from falling out.

6 + 7) Chanel – Le Vernis in Taboo and Tentation. One sultry shimmery shade and one bright candy color, perfect for every mood and color scheme. I’m also really in to my Essie polishes (and O.P.I. – nail duh) but for now I’ll stick with Taboo or Tentation painted toes.

8) Bourjois – 123 perfect foundation. On holiday I often skip make-up and at tops slap on some mascara, but getting beautified is something I really take pleasure in. So I can’t resist packing a (ultra lightweight though!) foundation for when I might want to look a bit more glam and a bit less ship wrecked. I’m a huge fan of the Bourjois foundations – their Healty Mix is my favorite summer foundation. You barely feel it when you apply it, yet it’s substantial enough to even out the skin. Also, the color range is well thought out (yay for yellow undertone!) and it’s pretty budget proof.

9) Bobbi Brown – Lilac Rose Eye Palette. I started reading international beauty websites as a teenager and came across Bobbi Brown quite regularly in posts from the US. Her fresh faced style and simple, strong packaging appealed to me yet I never got around to testing the brand personally. This new eye palette features matte vanilla, sparkly rose, taupe and dark brown shades blends in softly with sun kissed skin and will reflect the sunlight beautifully. I’m wearing the vanilla in my inner corners right now, as I type this from a Thai island!

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