ArchivePersonal 29 July 2013
15K on Instagram!

Hi everyone! I’m so, so so sorry for going missing for a few days. Who would have thought that on some deserted islands internet isn’t much of a priority? While I was in Thailand, I did manage to see that my Instagram account – let me know if you’re following! my Instagram name is yaragotstyle - reached 15K followers. Woohoo! Sometimes I need to pinch myself to believe so many of you care about what I’m doing and sharing. It’s crazy to know that the 15K I see on my screen actually stands for thousands of real people. Lately I’ve been meeting quite a few of my readers in real life – I even met two readers, one from France and a Dutch girl, while I was in Thailand! Getting to know you for a few minutes is one of the biggest pleasures for me as a blogger. Although most of us have never met, in a way it feels like we’re friends.

In short: thank you so much for following and I’m glad to be back home and ready to blog. Love! Yara

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