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My first Chanel!

Years and years ago I first laid eyes on the stitched through leather, the burgundy inside, the CC locks and the silver woven chain of the Chanel 2.55 and daydreamed of maybe one day being able to purchase myself this ultimate classic and symbol of French fashion (fun fact: the 2.55 refers to the first release of the bag in February of 1955). 

Sooner than I had expected, I found myself in a Chanel situation. I was in Paris for an amazing work trip (coincidentally for Chanel’s beauty products, so I think it was meant to be). I stepped in to the beautiful boutique on 31 Rue Cambon – it was the very first Chanel boutique and is located below Coco Chanel’s lavishly decorated apartment, where models used to show collections to prospective buyers. My heart skipped a beat, when I noticed the classic 2.55 flap bag that usually has a waiting list was standing right there. The stars seemed aligned. I was in Paris, in the first boutique, on a trip with Chanel, and I had saved up for an entire year for other expenses that turned out to be less and I know these bags go wildly up in price every year. 

Simply put: it was now or never. But I still wasn’t sure if I should. Could I justify such a purchase, even though I had worked hard for it myself and it was one of my long time dreams? After not being able to sleep all night, endlessly going over scenarios and given that circumstances would never again be this perfect, I decided it was now.

Early in the morning, after coffee and a pain au chocolate, I walked back to the store with the support of two other journalists who by this time were nearly as excited as myself. I’ve hardly ever had a bigger smile on my face than when I pointed out the classic 2.55 to the older French saleswoman and told her I was buying my first Chanel. (She didn’t seem all too impressed and I get why with all the tourists deciding on multiple bags without so much as blinking an eye. Surreal!). I carefully tried it on, felt the caviar leather, inspected the departments on the inside, let the woven silver chain run through my fingers and a little while later I was sitting in a separate room to swipe my credit card. The saleswoman was waiting for me holding up a huge white bag, with my 2.55 beautifully packed in a big box with a Chanel ribbon and white camellia on it – Coco’s favorite flower and a symbol of the fashion house. I was over the moon at this point (as you could see here) and believe it made her melt a bit, her eyes had started twinkling and she walked me and my bag all the way to the door.

Now I’m back home in Amsterdam, where I have the bag displayed besides my bed and I’m already a bit sentimentally attached to it. It’s something I wanted to do for myself once in a lifetime, and I know my bag will be worn and loved for decades to come. 

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    Such a wonderful story and beautiful experience! Congratulations on your hard work and accomplishments!

    xx Angie |


    Cute little bag


    Thank you for sharing! I am in my office waiting for FedEx to ring my bell. My Chanel is on her way. :)

    The term is five years.

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    It is so cute to read this … A lot of people forget how it feels to get a bag like this one ! So Congrats and thank you for being so sincere !

    Love the instagram photo, you look so happy!!!

    Wow Chanel! Lovely Blog here.
    Always enjoy reading here.

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    Lovely bag and I hope you’ll enjoy it. ;)
    Were you immediately sure you wanted this leather? I actually like the other, smoother leather better but I guess it gets damaged more easily, right?

    luuuucky one :D

    *om is op ! oeps:$

    Haha wauww ! Ken het gevoel ik was ook zo blij met mn eerste LV bag !! en een chanel staat ook zeker om mn lijstje , maybe ooooit !

    … its just the best feeling, to buy something expensive from the real store. No eBay, no secondhand .. no. It’s yours and only yours! And just to get it wrapped like that, is a whole experience in it self..

    Congrats on your new love!
    I’m planning on, doing the same “stunt” sometime..

    // Carla

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    You totally deserve it and you should enjoy it as you have worked hard for all you have achieved!

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    this is the most beautiful bag ever. congratulations!

    I want one sooo badly!

    Good choice!

    i have also coveted this bag forever and i dream of the dayyyyyyyyyyyyy! ah, such an amazing story i bet it was the most satisfying thing of all time. i actually teared up a bit.. i mean in paris!? parfait!
    xo, aiyanajane ||

    The Chanel 2.55 is my dream! Although I am only 17, I hope to one day own one, that would be bliss.
    Have fun with your bag! :)

    “Kylie,” they said.

    Congratulations… Buying the classic 2.55 as your first Chanel is such a good choice… I brought a cheaper chanel bag first deciding I could never have the flap and regretted not continuing saving for the 2.55… Finally I received one for my birthday and I’ve loved it like a child since!

    Have you seen the classic flap clutches? I’m waiting on a red one at the moments, they’re decidedly cheaper than then 2.55 (but still not pennies of course!) but still have the same style and a good way to add other colours to your collection.

    Enjoy your bag.

    Victoria x

    Wauw so pretty!

    Jealous of your Chanel, I love these handbags one day ill have a quilted Chanel!

    I love how you told the story – I could feel your excitement too! :) Definitely a good investment. They’ve been around for so long and I’m pretty sure they will for many many more years.



    Congratulations! Such a beautiful bag! One day hopefully… :)

    Super….Echt jaloers…hoeveel heeft t gekost…? Deze tas staat ook zolang op mijn wensenlijstje…
    Ik heb een artikel over de IT Girls van NL geschreven…Jij staat hier ook bij..

    Check hiervoor mijn blog…Groetjes

    love it!!!! this is perfect bag!

    a few years ago I did the same thing! went to the store in brussels. chose the same model but different leather (the smooth one), asked for the prices, walked back outside and went for lunch. and then went back to the store to buy it! it is a classic and it will be in my closet forever!

    wat tof!!!

    Oh gosh, that feeling must be unbelievable! Well, I think it’s totally worth it and even when you worked so hard for it.


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    Wow, that’s beautiful! I’m so happy for you :)

    Congrats. The bag is a dream. You couldn´t have chosen a better one!!!



    So happy for you! I always want a Chanel bag like that too. Hopefully i could afford one soon xD


    Love it!

    Welcome to my World…. Great choice

    This is inspiring… Makes me feel like I too can get my coveted Chanel bag in Paris too!!!

    awww such a sweet post! this is my dream :) so happy for you that you got it!!

    Bravo, it’s definitely THE bag. Timeless!

    oh so lucky babe !

    I cannot wait until this day arrives for me. I promised myself a 2.55 after I graduate from medical school. Congrats on your new baby bag, it’s going to be well loved by you.

    Congrats on the purchase! I’ve always admired Salvatore Ferragamo shoes and recently splurged and bought them. It’s so nice to buy something that you know has so much longevity as well as history behind it

    Absolutely excited for you–such a beautiful classic!

    wow! in love with this bag!

    Oh congratulations, such a landmark!

    I love the little story haha and your Chanel bag too of course!

    Oh god ♥ Perfect!!! Wish I can have one for me one day :D

    Congrats dear, can’t wait for my first chanel

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    My dream bag <3


    Pure happiness, I understand you perfectly:)))

    wow congrats :) what a beauty! that’s a for sure a purchase you will never regret in your entire life,such a classic bag :) have fun with it

    I got the one with golden hardware and also saved up for it for a loooong time! Isn’t it the best feeling in the world???

    x Krizia

    Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

    amazing piece!


    Wauw en wat is ie prachtig!! liefs

    I am sitting at my desk at work right now, kind of bored and tired, and I have never been this jealous!!!! Such a dream of a bag and the way you describe the whole experience makes it even more of a dream!! Lucky girl! Enjoy this beautiful classic bag; I will start saving up for mine right this second! :) x

    Such a fun post! I love the detail of your emotions :) Enjoy your beautiful bag!

    WOOOOOW, lucky you! Wat een supermooie! Die zou ik ook wel willen hebben ;)



    Ps: Enter my GIVEAWAY for a chance to win one of the two By Cleo statement necklaces!

    Ps: Samen met mijn beste vriendin ben ik een renblog begonnen:

    Speachless…beautiful item!

    Wauw hij is geweldig! Leuk verhaal !

    Ah I’m so jealous! It sounds beautiful!

    Brilliant story. I already saw some photos on instagram, you with your big smile. I can absolutely imagine how that must have been. It’s a gorgeous bag! xx

    wauw love it! x

    Gorgeous bag! Lovely first Chanel! x

    Beautiful post hun! Can’t wait to one day splurge on one :) xxx

    Wat een heerlijk verhaal, ik zit bijna samen met jou in dat aparte kamertje in Parijs!

    Geniet ervan! Deze draag je nog als je 80 bent & hoe veel goeds doet dat voor de cost per wear?! Think about that… ;)

    X Marjolein – Never Too

    beautiful <3


    Congratulations!!!! It’s the best bag and a classic that you’ll have forever.

    Happy to see some bloggers still make a big deal out of purchases like these!

    Ik reageer eigenlijk nooit maar wat heb je dit lief leuk en mooi geschreven! Het is je van harte gegund. Geniet!!!!

    OMG, that bag is pure perfection! Every girl’s dream to have! xx.

    perfect bag <3

    Enjoy!! It’s the ultimate fashion investment! It’s all time classic..It’s always in fashion…It’s CHANEL..Woo hoo!


    Een Chanel tas is echt de droom van elk meisje… hij is echt zo gaaf! Geniet er van zou ik zeggen. Het is trouwens ook echt super leuk geschreven.

    Wauw! Wat super zeg!
    Echt leuk om je verhaaltje te lezen :)

    Mijn droom is ook om die tas ooit te kunnen aanschaffen.


    Wow, you’re so lucky, every girl should have a Chanel bag!

    Oh waaaaauw, wat gaaf! Gefeliciteerd :)


    Beautifully written post, what an amazing moment that must have been!. Lovely pictures too by the way!. x

    Congrats, it is beautiful and the perfect piece to remember your trip to Paris. The stars were definitely aligned :-))

    It’s a beauty!

    xo Jennifer

    Aww! I absolutely love the story of how you came about purchasing your first Chanel bag!


    this one is a beauty. congratulations, girl

    amazingly written post! I could felt the excitement, since chanel 2.55 is one of my dreambags aswell… Its gorgeous <3

    Great post honey!Xoxo

    Beautiful, congrats!! definitely a monumental purchase! xo

    It’s such a dream bag! I’m honestly so excited for you. I’m going to buy a Rebecca Minkoff bag when I’m going to New York – I think a Mini MAC and I’m also really excited as well. This is such a classic bag though, you can use it for ages! Great post!


    aww, congratulations, what a dream come true, I can imagine your anticipation and happiness over that gorgeous bag, nothing more timeless than a chanel!


    Ohlala, that’s what they call the best buy ever… I guess… Cool babe!!

    I’m in love with your bag, its been a long time dream for me too. I’m so happy for you, enjoy your first Chanel!


    Wauw het is je zo gegund!! Ik kan me echt helemaal verplaatsen in je verhaal, ik heb precies hetzelfde en hopelijk “eindigt” het bij mij ook zo!


    beautifully written story :) i felt exactly the same when I bought my chanel flap! i was so excited, i nearly threw up and had to go home by cab hahaha

    Well done, and congratulations on your achievement. It’s not a purchase, it’s an award!

    Wat een mooi verhaal :) Gefeliciteerd met je tas, echt een goede aankoop. Kijk uit naar je outfitfoto’s met deze beauty aan je schouder!

    Wow, I loved reading this story. You write so nice! xx

    Waauw heel leuk verwoord!! Het was ook HET moment om hem te kopen. Mooi! Ben er maar trots op :)

    Mooi verhaal, Waarschijnlijk hebben miljoenen meisjes (waaronder ik!) op de wereld dezelfde droom ;)
    Wat goed dat je m kocht want die tas heb je natuurlijk voor jaaaaren ..


    Wat leuk geschreven! Een eerste chaneltas is echt iets apart! Als je hem niet had gekocht had je zeker spijt gehad!


    Congratulations!!! A similar thing happened to me when I got my Chanel 2.55. I got it online at a sample sale though, but I had saved for it and went through a similar inner struggle, ha ha. :)

    I love your walk through of such a momentous purchase! It is the exact same model as the one I would like to buy in the future – with the caviar leather and silver chain.

    I’m feeling happy just from reading your post! :)

    Isabel x

    Haha prachtig verhaal! Goed dat je m gewoon hebt gekocht :D Het kon niet beter worden, denk ik. Ben wel erg benieuwd naar de binnenkant!

    It is the exact same bag I want! Caviar leather, silver,… It is such a beauty! Which size did you get? Could you maybe show us what stuff can go in this beauty?
    Have fun with it and try not to be too stressed out about getting it dirty, scratched,… (I know I would but that would make the fun that much less and those bags can handle some shizzle!!!)

    Wat ontzettend gaaf dat je een eigen chanel hebt! Kan me voorstellen dat je met zo’n enorme smlie de deur uit liep, de tas is super!

    Oh myyy ik zit gewoon met net zo’n grote glimlach je verhaal te lezen! Wat heerlijk, je hebt hem dubbel en dwars verdient! Ooit komt dit momentje er voor mij ook, hahaha ;)


    great buy, I hope I’ll own one too someday. But it be too much if I asked how much it was?


    So lovely! Hope I can also own a 2.55 someday…

    Wauw, hij is prachtig! Heerlijk verhaal om te lezen!
    xx Sofie

    ooh my I can feel a tear coming! It is so beautifuly written and it is exactly what I am hoping for to feel some day in the future when I buy one myself! it has been a dream for almost my whole life to have a Chanel bag! Really take care of it like it’s your only child! enjoy!

    Congratulations!! I know that it will be worth of every penny :)

    You should be so proud of yourself! Work hard, play harder right?! Enjoy!


    Wow, hij is prachtig! lucky you :)

    Fashioncontainer Facebook page

    Hij is echt prachtig! Gefeliciteerd!! xx

    Heerlijk geschreven, super tof! Protect it with your life! Haha.

    It is truly beautiful!!! Enjoy it! xo, Christina


    I can’t wait the day when I’ll get my first Chanel. haha
    Really beautiful bag.

    wow, what a purchase…THE purchase!
    p.s.= if one day I’ll be able to buy one for my self I’m sure Il’ll buy it in the same Paris shop ;)…

    lens & anything else

    My Chanel is one I inherited from my grandmother, but I am dreaming of the day where I get to have this shopping experience myself! It sounds so magical!

    Leuk en herkenbaar verhaal. Voor mij was het geen 2.55 maar een Birkin, die ineens na 3 maanden wachtlijst al op me te wachten stond. Terugwaarts sparen nu ;)

    Enjoy, suits you well!

    ooooh wauw, hij’s zo mooi!!! geniet ervan! :)

    Wow! So cool that you’ve got your own Chanel bag now! :D


    Wat een leuk verhaal! Lijkt me echt een heerlijk gevoel om je handen op je eigen Chanel tas te kunnen leggen na al die tijd! Veel plezier ervan :)

    Lucky one! I want one so badly!

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