Archive 21 February 2013
Hair how to: how I do my top bun

Whenever I’m working (or just doing MTV marathons. Or an attempt at actual marathons) it’s of absolute importance that my hair is out of my face. I feel like I can think more freely without long blonde locks constantly getting the way of my view. So when I posted an outfit with me sporting my high bun last Friday (here), I got quite a lot of comments, e-mails and instagram questions (on this top bun pic) on how I did it. 

So here’s a little tutorial of the easiest do ever: the messy top bun. Simply pull all your hair up, twist it one way (twist tight for a smaller and less messy bun) and secure with a hair band. And what’s your go to hair style when you’re up to some serious business?

photos by Eefje Gerritsjans

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