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Ouch, I’m on computer rest

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I jokingly wrote about it in my last post, but the days I spend behind my computer has seriously taken its toll. Given that I make a living by writing (still a surreal thing to realise, I suddenly feel so Carrie Bradshaw-ish), I spend at least 5 days a week behind my computer, mostly typing, scrolling, online shopping, Facebooking and other -ing words. For the past week or three I’ve had a painful, strained feeling on my right arm (yup, the active one in charge of the mouse) at the end of each long day. I’d lay in bed with an arm that felt so heavy, tingly and strange, almost like it was detached from my body, and woke up with a normal arm only for this cycle to start all over again.

I took it way too lightly and forced myself (STUPID!) and, inevitably, woke up recently with the feeling still there. Terrified that this RSI thing is here to stay and of how this might affect my job, I ordered myself to limit typing to a minimum for a few days. Please take my heartfelt advice to give yourself a break and change your work space as soon as this begins. I’m sure that it’s something a lot of us get to deal with in this computer driven work field. 

I feel so uneasy and a bit guilty for not being able to do my work and emails at the best of my ability but I know you understand, as always :) Love and see you soon! Yara

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    Have you tried using an ergonomic curved keyboard? I had to use one with my laptop to write my dissertation because of the same problems and it worked a treat!

    Hi! I read but don’t usually comment, but today I felt inclined.

    My boyfriend is a writer and has caused severe long term damage to his hands/arms with something that started off similarly. PLEASE invest in an ergonomical keyboard and mouse, it’s worth it. Also, there are mouse sets that feature a left mouse and a right mouse, so that you can switch back and forth (it takes a little getting used to). Good luck and hope you feel better!

    Yara! Wat vervelend om te lezen :( heel veel beterschap! Je gezondheid gaat boven alles!

    Liefs, Farah

    You poor girl, but everyone deserves a break, so lean back and enjoy the extra time ;)

    Heel veel beterschap!

    Oh my god, that sounds really bad. I hope you’ll get better soon! xx

    Auw that sounds really painfull ! hope its gets better ! take your time your loyal readers will understand

    Same thing here! Mostly backpain from not sitting on a good chair! And sometimes when I don’t have an event or something alike to go to, I feel like SH*T by not getting out of my house all day!

    Any way good luck and enjoy your days ‘off’!



    I’ve had the same thing sitting on the desk typing. So i do my writhing on the bed with my laptop in my lap and the pain has not repeated since then.

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    I totally feel your pain. I’ve been getting weird finger straining pains from mouse clicking lately as well. Health is so important…please rest and get well soon!

    Oh I had that before. Because I didn’t listen to my body & rest it, I ended up out of work and couldn’t even brush my hair or grip anything. It can get seriously bad so take care of yourself and rest your wrist.x

    Steph @ stylefootprints

    I feel the same, up to the neck. Hope you better soon, I take your advice seriously.

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    Oh wat balen van je arm! Doe rustig aan hoor, hoop dat het gauw weer beter gaat! Je schijnt er overigens ook speciale muizen voor te hebben. Succes! xx

    Oh god no ! I know exactly what you’re talkin about, going through the same rough time ! x

    Try to learn using the mouse with your other arm. At first it feels strange, but after a while you’ll get used to it and you can easily switch and give the other arm time to relax. Worked for me!

    I’m gonna try to take a break too, just for a few days… See how that’ll work out. And I don’t want to get obsessed by my computer like other people are…


    Ahw, balen meis :)! Doe rustig aan en sterkte!

    Everyone needs a break every once and a while!

    xo Jennifer

    You should take it easy, you’re young and beautiful. Healthy is the most important. When you’re reading something, make sure you’re not constantly in the same position!



    Ai! Hurray for you for listening to what your body’s telling you! Take it easy and take care!

    Same coffee mug, haha! Maar hopelijk gaat het snel beter, lekker veel leuke dingen doen tijdens je break!



    Sterkte! (:

    Voor de Nederlanders onder ons;

    Oei, dat klinkt niet goed!!
    Voorlopig dus wat minder uurtjes spenderen achter de laptop…
    Is misschien lastig, maar je gezondheid gaat boven ALLES!

    X Charlot


    XO IDM

    I know exactly what you mean, go take a break girl! :)

    Ik weet precies wat je bedoelt. Toen ik nog 8 uur per dag achter de computer zat probeerde ik om het uur even te lopen, veel water te drinken, af en toe rekken & strekken, je kent het wel. Dan wordt ‘t al iets beter maar soms is ‘t ook gewoon goed om er even helemaal mee te kappen… Beterschap!

    I totally agree. I work on computers at work and when I get home for my blog. And when I’m not on a computer, I’m on my phone. My poor hands need a vacation asap! That or a really nice hand massage.

    Ai.. doe vooral rustig aan! Hoe moeilijk het ook is, je vingers zullen wel gaan kriebelen om weer aan het typen te gaan, maar daardoor blijft het zeuren. Dus ‘ziek’ het vooral goed uit ;)

    Get better quick !!!

    take a break! we´re not going anywhere! xo, Alma

    you should really take this seriously and maybe get a check up at doctors??

    Oh! This such bad news! Hope that you’ll get better asap and that this break from computer will do you well and you’ll be healthy again!

    Ai, dat kan echt heel pijnlijk zijn! Gewoon even lekker rust nemen.

    Rustig aan! even de tijd nemen!

    go take a break! will be looking forward to your next post (:

    I know how you feel. Acutually my right arm hurts too. Hope you feel better soon!!! Everyone needs a break once in awhile <3


    Hope to see you again soon! xx.

    oh no! :(

    Dat ken ik! Ben zelf fulltime aan het grafisch vormgeven, pols pijn, arm pijn en ga zo maar door. De trackpad is vaak ook de boosdoener door het scrollen. Vaak pauzes nemen! :) En nu is het over met mijn ‘nerdy’ comment, hoop dat het snel beter met je gaat! X

    Aaah that sucks. Hope you get better as RSI can be a pain in the ass. Enjoy your break tho!

    you’re right…sometimes we need to take a rest from this computer world.
    I’ve never suffered from arm pain but sometimes headache get over me after almost all day long in front of the monitor…take some rest and hope you came back soon ;)!


    that’s good :)

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