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Messy sixties ponytail tutorial


I’ve always adored sixties hair and make up and wear a heavy winged out eyeliner on a daily base. After my every day soft curl tutorial and braided bun how to, it was time for a messy ponytail with sligth nod to that era. I’m by no means an expert, I just love trying out new looks and hope you might learn something or feel inspired. Toni & Guy sent me a bunch of goodies (yummm) from their four different styling lines, that I gave a try. So here it goes! 

 How to do a messy sixties ponytail:
1) First, for more volume and texture I use a sculpting powder, this one is by Toni & Guy. It makes the hair a bit dryer and texturized, so it has grip and will stay in place better.
2) Run your fingers through your hair for volume and to spread the powder. I do the same to make a messy bedhead.
3) Part your hair. A sixties look asks for a side part!
4) Tease the top quarter of your hair. Don’t be too rough, use soft strokes and focus on your scalp. You need to create a big beehive of back-combed hair. 
5) Gently brush the top of your teased hair. (You want a wearable nod to the sixties, not Amy Winehouse). Then secure the teased hair with pins that match your hair color.
6) Hair spray is vital! Use one with strong hold that won’t make it a crunchy helmet.
7) Curl your ends. This will create a full, bouncy pony tail. Don’t deep fry your locks, use a heat protector first! 
8) Make a basic ponytail at the nape of your neck. Then pull the ends so it moves up, until it’s as high or low as you want.
9) Finishing touch: take a lock of hair, twist it around the hair elastic and pin it at the end. Done!

What I used:

Toni & Guy Casual sculpting powder (I’d highly reccommend this for a messy bedhead look), Extreme hold hairspray, Heat protector mist. And a tiny drop off Shine gloss serum on the ends. You’ll find all the products and hair style inspiration you’ll find all the products and hair style inspiration here. I also want the Sea salt texturizing spray that’s on there, have you tried it?

Ph. Eefje Gerritsjans

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